Still Queer as Folk

A critical review and analysis of Showtime's Queer as Folk presented by two bitchy and sometimes jaded gay guys. Listen in as we take apart the stories, screenplays, characters and aspects of the show that haven't aged well. Nothing is off limits, be it music, costumes, sets, or acting. We're huge fans of the show, but you would probably never know it after listening to Still Queer as Folk. All five seasons are covered, recorded between 2018-2021. Check out the Still Queer as Folk UK podcast for our take on the original.

Hosted ByPatrick Randall & Matt Dominguez

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UK-1.8 Punchline

Stuart demolishes a Jeep store after the salesman makes homophobic remarks to him. Lance and Romey’s fake marriage falls apart after Nathan sent incriminating evidence to the Home Office. Nathan rescues Stuart from a drinking binge and makes off with th

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UK-1.7 Thirty

Vince turns 30 and Stuart throws a birthday party for him, apparently without much help from Cameron, who gives Vince a car for his birthday. Not to be outdone, Stuart gives Vince a much more adored Dr Who K-9 robot. Stuart realizes that he’s holding V

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UK-1.3 A Night Out

Nathan continues his quest for Stuart and trails him to a series of bars on Canal Street, only to find that Stuart has orchestrated a threesome with the hottest two guys in Babylon. 

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5.13 We Will Survive!

Michael speaks at an anti-Prop-14 press conference, but deviates away from his prepared speech when Debbie and bunch of people we’ve never seen before show up. Ted’s new BF Tad get a bit obsessive and freaks out everyone in sight. Brian and Justin ca

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5.12 Mr Right (Never Broke and Promise)

Brian and Justin keep barreling towards marriage even as Justin’s career as a painter awaits him in New York. Melanie and Lindsay ask for Brian and Michael’s blessing to take their children out of the country, with Michael agreeing, but Brian disagree

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5.11 F-ing Revenge

Everyone comes to terms with the bombing and what it means to their lives, in very different ways.

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5.10 I Love You

The lives of every character are rocked by anti-proposition 14 sentiment that culminates in a Babylon fundraiser being targeted with a bomb. 

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5.09 Anything in Common

Brian and Michael continue to quarrel over Michael’s new life, ending in Michael calling it quits and moving on from Brian. Ben and Michael come to terms with what it means to publicly fight against Proposition 14. We meet Jennifer Taylor’s new boyfri

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5.08 Honest to Yourself

Brian’s midlife crisis reaches a head when he wins his bet with Brandon, but opts not to collect his reward. Drew Boyd is outed in a tabloid and turns to Emmett for advice. Ben continues to stress over Hunter’s departure and clashes with Michael as he

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