Still Queer as Folk UK

Hosted ByPatrick Randall & Matt Dominguez

After recording 88 episodes of the US version of Queer as Folk, Patrick and Matt turn their attention to the original. The masterpiece that started it all. In Still Queer as Folk UK, your favorite (?) bitchy and sometimes catty gay guys give a critical analysis of one of the best examples of episodic gay fiction ever televised. Stay tuned after we cover all 10 episodes for a special US vs UK edition!

UK-1.8 Punchline

Stuart demolishes a Jeep store after the salesman makes homophobic remarks to him. Lance and Romey’s fake marriage falls apart after Nathan sent incriminating evidence to the Home Office causing Lance to attack a policeman and the Home Office man.

Stuart is rejected by an ex-trick in front of Vince and Cameron at an art gallery. Nathan rescues Stuart from a drinking binge and makes off with the K9 robot dog that Stuart gave Vince for his birthday. After placing it on Vince’s mini and a make up lunch takes place. 

Nathan calls out Christian Hobbs in public, and then moves back home for a few hours before running off to London with Donna.

“Punchline” was directed by Sara Harding, her last of four episodes of Queer as Folk. She also directed 50 episodes of Coronation Street.

It first aired in the UK on 13 April, 1999 and it was, of course, written by Russell T Davies. 

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