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A critical review and analysis of Showtime’s Queer as Folk presented by two bitchy and sometimes jaded gay guys. 


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UK-1.5 The Date

Hazel begins to think that Nathan is taking advantage of her when he stays out all night. Vince lands himself a date with sexy Australian accountant Cameron Roberts, and winds up short one cell phone, but up one hot tongue kiss.

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UK-1.4 D.I.S.C.O.

Traveling north for Phil’s funeral, Vince delivers an amusing reading at the service and meets a delightful accountant named Cameron. Back in Manchester, Nathan hooks up with Christian Hobbs and then Stuart much to Vince's consternation.

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UK-1.3 A Night Out

Nathan continues his quest for Stuart and trails him to a series of bars on Canal Street, only to find that Stuart has orchestrated a threesome with the hottest two guys in Babylon. 

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UK-1.2 Stuart Alan Jones

Nathan is still glowing from his all night fuckfest with Stuart Alan Jones and sets off for Canal Street in search of him. Things are going well enough for the teenager until he stalks Stuart to his flat only to find him about to...

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UK-1.1 Thursday

On a night out clubbing, Stuart picks up 15-year-old Nathan on the street, and Vince is stalked home by a muscle daddy that turns out to be…just a daddy.

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5.13 We Will Survive!

Michael speaks at an anti-Prop-14 press conference, but deviates away from his prepared speech when Debbie and bunch of people we’ve never seen before show up. Ted’s new BF Tad get a bit obsessive and freaks out everyone in sight. Brian and Justin ca

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