Still Queer as Folk UK

After recording 88 episodes of the US version of Queer as Folk, Patrick and Matt turn their attention to the original. The masterpiece that started it all. In Still Queer as Folk UK, your favorite (?) bitchy and sometimes catty gay guys give a critical analysis of one of the best examples of episodic gay fiction ever televised. Stay tuned after we cover all 10 episodes for a special US vs UK edition!

Hosted ByPatrick Randall & Matt Dominguez

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UK-2.1 Out of the Closet

Nathan is back from London and living with his now divorced mother. Janice Maloney is now cool with Nathan’s sexuality and they even share laughs over Nathan’s campy boyfriend Daz. Stuart and Vince start a threesome, but instead of cutting out the mid

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UK-1.8 Punchline

Stuart demolishes a Jeep store after the salesman makes homophobic remarks to him. Lance and Romey’s fake marriage falls apart after Nathan sent incriminating evidence to the Home Office. Nathan rescues Stuart from a drinking binge and makes off with th

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UK-1.7 Thirty

Vince turns 30 and Stuart throws a birthday party for him, apparently without much help from Cameron, who gives Vince a car for his birthday. Not to be outdone, Stuart gives Vince a much more adored Dr Who K-9 robot. Stuart realizes that he’s holding V

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UK-1.6 Meet the Parents

The relationship between Vince and Cameron starts to show cracks as Stuart’s hold on Vince becomes more and more obvious to Cameron. Stuart is forced to confront his own parents about their pending divorce while his own role as a parent is brought into

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UK-1.5 The Date

Hazel begins to think that Nathan is taking advantage of her when he stays out all night. Vince lands himself a date with sexy Australian accountant Cameron Roberts, and winds up short one cell phone, but up one hot tongue kiss.

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UK-1.4 D.I.S.C.O.

Traveling north for Phil’s funeral, Vince delivers an amusing reading at the service and meets a delightful accountant named Cameron. Back in Manchester, Nathan hooks up with Christian Hobbs and then Stuart much to Vince’s consternation.

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UK-1.2 Stuart Alan Jones

Nathan is still glowing from his all night fuckfest with Stuart Alan Jones and sets off for Canal Street in search of him. Things are going well enough for the teenager until he stalks Stuart to his flat only to find him about to test out a chap named Goo

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UK-1.1 Thursday

On a night out clubbing, Stuart picks up 15-year-old Nathan on the street, and Vince is stalked home by a muscle daddy that turns out to be…just a daddy.

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