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A critical review and analysis of Showtime's Queer as Folk presented by two bitchy and sometimes jaded gay guys. Listen in as we take apart the stories, screenplays, characters and aspects of the show that haven't aged well. Nothing is off limits, be it music, costumes, sets, or acting. We're huge fans of the show, but you would probably never know it after listening to Still Queer as Folk. All five seasons are covered, recorded between 2018-2021. Check out the Still Queer as Folk UK podcast for our take on the original.

5.07 Hope Against Hope

Justin dumps Brian and moves in with Ben and Michael, much to the consternation of Brian who pays them a late night drunken visit. After banning Random Hot Guy Brandon from Babylon, Brian launches a contest with him to top the ten hottest guys in Pittsburgh. 

Ben is still depressed over Hunter running away from home, and it took Homer and Achilles to snap him out of it and join Michael in protest of Proposition 14, a seemingly impossible anti-gay rights ballot initiative.  Lindsay decides to move in with her parents, which doesn’t last a single night when they try to set her up with a hunky male lawyer at the dinner table. In the last runner of the night, Ted exacts his revenge on the hot-as-fuck Troy that he’s been stringing along for hours and hours of hot bottoming.

“Hope Against Hope” was directed by Thom Best. He only directed three episodes of Queer as Folk, but his more important role was as director of photography for 43 episodes. 

 It first aired in the US on June 26th, 2005. I was written by Shawn Postoff. This is his last work on Queer as Folk. Over the years he wrote 7 episodes and served as story editor for 26 episodes.

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