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A critical review and analysis of Showtime's Queer as Folk presented by two bitchy and sometimes jaded gay guys. Listen in as we take apart the stories, screenplays, characters and aspects of the show that haven't aged well. Nothing is off limits, be it music, costumes, sets, or acting. We're huge fans of the show, but you would probably never know it after listening to Still Queer as Folk. All five seasons are covered, recorded between 2018-2021. Check out the Still Queer as Folk UK podcast for our take on the original.

5.06 Bored Outta Ya Fing Mind

Today we’re talking about episode 6 of Season 5, and it’s called “Bored out of Ya Fucking Mind” 

It first aired in the US on June 19th, 2005. I was written by Del Shores, his seventh of eight teleplays. He also produced 41 episodes, or half of the series. 

Bored out of Ya Fucking Mind” was directed by Alex Chapple. He directed 8 episodes and this is his last one. Alex Chapple is probably the most accomplished director post-Queer as Folk, working on shows like The Americans, every flavor of Law and Order, Stargate Universe, Chicago Fire, Blue Bloods, Elementary, and Chicago PD to name just a few. 

Synopsis: A newcomer on the scene appears and challenges Brian’s dominance of Liberty Avenue by rejecting him!  Justin continues to yearn for a relationship with Brian that is more like Ben and Michael’s. 

Hunter’s mostly unseen struggle with his classmates knowing that he’s HIV positive and a retired hooker comes to a head, and he runs away from home. Emmett goes a bit too far as Queer Guy and scandalously shows off underwear on live television. Debbie realizes that she’s bored and returns to work at the Diner with Carl’s blessing, and Ted starts a revenge game with the guy that pity-fucked him two years ago at Pride. 

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