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5.04 Hard Decisions

Threeway custody begins with Lindsay, Melanie and Michael splitting baby JR three ways. Brian tries to lure Michael out of suburbia and back to Babylon by throwing a super heroes themed night at Babylon.

In another story ripped from the headlines, HIV positive Hunter bashes his head at his swim meet and Callie’s parents cause chaos by screaming out that he has AIDS. Debbie begins her life of leisure after retiring from the diner, only to find herself right back in the diner to solve Loretta’s problem with her husband. Oh, and Ted has plastic surgery finally. 

“Hard Decisions” was directed by Kelly Makin, one of my favorite Queer as Folk directors. This is his ninth of eleven episodes. I think my favorite Kelly Makin episode was season three’s “There’s Nothing Noble about Being Poor.”  That was an Ethan Gold episode.

It first aired in the US on Jun 5th, 2005. It was written by Michael MacLennan, his 12th of 14 episodes. Most recently he wrote season four’s “The Snake in Paradise.” That was the bug chaser episode.

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