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5.02 Back in Business

Today we’re talking about episode 2 of Season 5, and it’s called “Back in Business”

It first aired in the US on May 22nd, 2005. This episode played back to back with the season 5 premiere episode. It was written by Del Shores, his sixth of eight episodes, and he also produced 41 episodes of the show. 

“Back in Business” was directed by Michael DeCarlo, his tenth of eleven episodes. Most recently he directed “Proposal of Two Kinds” in season four. We weren’t a big fan of that episode, but we did like his episode from season 2 called Bowling for Equality, which was the cops versus queers bowling match.

Here’s the synopsis of “Back in Business.” A tug of war breaks out over JR when Michael hires a lawyer to gain joint custody of the infant. In the background, Lindsay starts to consider her own parental rights and asks Brian to get Michael to back off. Justin returns from Hollywood and mysteriously tells everyone except Brian how much he hated it, and how he was glad to be back in Pittsburg.

Ted has what can best be described as a mid-life crisis and bleaches his hair, punches up his clothing, and starts considering plastic surgery. In a story line directly stolen from Bravo, Emmett is offered a job as an on-air Queer Guy for a local television station.

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