Still Queer as Folk

Hosted ByPatrick Randall & Matt Dominguez

A critical review and analysis of Showtime's Queer as Folk presented by two bitchy and sometimes jaded gay guys. Listen in as we take apart the stories, screenplays, characters and aspects of the show that haven't aged well. Nothing is off limits, be it music, costumes, sets, or acting. We're huge fans of the show, but you would probably never know it after listening to Still Queer as Folk. All five seasons are covered, recorded between 2018-2021. Check out the Still Queer as Folk UK podcast for our take on the original.

4.12 Irritation and Separation

Melanie and Lindsay struggle to stay together in the aftermath of Lindsay hooking up with Sam Aurbach. Hunter and Callie have sex for the first time but when Callie’s parent’s find out, they appear at the Bruckner-Novotny apartment for a showdown. After ghosting Emmett, Drew Boyd stalks Emmett and tries to woo him back. Emmett briefly falls for the hunky quarterback’s attentions, only to have to call him out after Drew’s wife contacts Emmett to cater their wedding. After an action packed sex scene with Justin, Brian decides to participate in the Liberty Ride in order to save the hospice.

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